Review – Daniel Isn’t Real – Non-metaphoric metaphoric demons.

Luke releases his imaginary friend from childhood, who is helpful, but harbors ulterior motives. Daniel Isn’t Real is a stylish flick almost about mental health. [Mild spoilers] Oh my gosh another doll house. Two in a row. And its use in this film is again, unique. It’s not much of a spoiler but be warned: […]

Review – The Lodge – A solid installment of family horror drama

After the suicide of their mother, two children must spend a short vacation at the wintery “lodge” with their father’s fiance. The Lodge successfully challenges reality in a film that has some cleverness but isn’t all that memorable. There’s a doll house! Doll houses in horror are almost played out at this point, but each […]

Review – Pet Semetary – Should have let this one stay buried

A doctor moves with his family to a cute house in Maine next to a trucker route and a Wendigo’s territory/vaguely mystical “sour” land in a remake that proves, yes, sometimes dead is better. It’s hard to understand why this movie was made. It may be that the Stephen King name has not deteriorated in […]


Indie Film Highlight – Cannibal Comedian

Comedy horror fans be sure to check out the teaser for the upcoming feature film “Cannibal Comedian.” Below is a link to the teaser and other pages for the film. Looks pretty neat! –> TEASER TRAILER <– IMDB page Facebook page Twitter Instagram Synopsis: A psychopathic cannibal, fed up with his lack of ambition, tries […]

Review – Bliss – Less Bliss and more miss

LA artist Dezzy struggles to finish her latest painting and resorts to drug use for inspiration. Guess what? Bad things happen! Bliss works very hard to establish a unique tone, but really it’s all dutch angles and flashing lights. Bliss has been getting a lot of praise, probably in support of indie horror, but part […]

Review – Villains – A simple movie about some lovable nuts

This one probably flew under a lot of radars. From Gunpowder and Sky comes the tale of two lovers who run out of gas after robbing a… gas station. With nowhere else to turn they break into the only house in sight. It’s not long before they realize they broke into the wrong house. The […]

Review – The Platform – Reagan would not like this movie

The Hole: where prisoners (or the rare volunteer) are assigned to a floor that randomly changes every month. Each day, a platform loaded with a feast descends from floor 0, and makes its way down, floor by floor. Trickle-down mealtime, brought to you by Netflix. To start, The Platform quickly and efficiently creates compelling characters […]

Review – The Hunt – Look at me, I'm controversial!

Manorgate–is it real? Apparently so, when right wing “deplorables” are kidnapped and hunted for sport by “liberal elites.” It’s a film about dogmatism, but also gore, as two caricatures come head to head in a bloody battle. Many pieces of the film are contrived, but The Hunt packs enough humor and present day poison to […]


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

In light of the “events” taking place in the world, Gimmick reviews will be making some minor adjustments. I found myself thinking “there are no films to review!” Of course this isn’t true–there just aren’t theatrical releases to review, so Gimmick will be taking a break from the Monday post schedule to sporadically review recent […]


Review – The Invisible Man – Go see it!… or, try

Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) finally escapes from her abusive relationship with scientist Adrian Griffin, but her departure results in his apparent suicide–it’s a ruse Cecilia quickly starts to see through. This retelling of H.G. Wells’s The Invisible Man is an example of the best kind of sci-fi adaption: one that takes the scientific concept, tweaks it, […]